How To Grow To 50k Followers On IG In 12 Weeks

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I’m sitting in my papason chair, my pup to the left of me, cold brew to the right of me, and i’m wondering one thing…

Can I write the best short form video guide for businesses? I guess we’ll see. Today’s part one. Part two is coming. Idk when.

Save 40+ Hours Of Influencer Sourcing + Campaign Management

The worst part about UGC and influencer campaigns? Sourcing. Briefing. Management.

So, Insense removes the bottleneck by:

  • Managing and centralizing all communication

  • Delivering all your UGC content

  • Creating a list of creators to collab with

And they helped 1400+ brands and agencies grow by scaling their content three ways:

  1. Paid Content - UGC content for Meta & TikTok

  2. Organic Content - Collab with creators who share your product on their page

  3. Creator Ads - Run whitelisted ads on creator’s social handles

And if you book a demo, they’ll give you a free month of post production work.

That means taking a UGC video and adding all the bells and whistles that converts it into a killer ad.

You can book a 15 min demo here.

The Instagram Growth Playbook - 0 to 50,000 Followers In 12 Weeks

Reading time: 3 Minutes

My homie Colin Landforce started taking Instagram seriously 12 weeks ago.

And he’s killing it with short form:


  • 11,000 subscriber newsletter

  • Brand deals

Here’s his playbook:

1. Consistency (But It’s Not The Typical Advice)

You’re not consistent because of the algo. You’re consistent because of math.

Every 1/10 videos for Colin gets 100k+ views. When that happens he adds thousands of followers and hundreds of subscribers.

So, if every 1/10 videos goes viral - would you rather publish 20 videos over 3 months or 20 videos over 20 days. If you’re a math person, publishing 20 videos over 20 days increases your odds of success.

2. Consistency Determines Your Strategy

To quote Colin, “ No one should know what their content strategy is until they’re a hundred videos in.”

Colin posted his first video on April 21, 2023 and didn’t miss a single day until July 10, 2023.

83 videos. No misses

Those hundred videos will teach you:

  1. What resonates vs. what doesn’t (likes)

  2. What gains traction vs. what doesn’t (views)

  3. What’s interesting vs. what isn’t (comments)

  4. What’s shareable vs what isn’t (shares)

  5. What people find valuable vs what they don’t (saves)

  6. What drives action vs. what doesn’t (link clicks) - Not Shown

Consistency breeds data. And in data you find common denominators. Not sporadic output.

3. Consistency Drives Content Market Fit

Content market fit builds an audience. Product market fit helps you monetize that audience.

100 videos in and you’ll learn how to find content market fit:

  • Content you like to make

  • Content the algorithm favors

  • Content the audience consumes

How does that then help you find product market fit? Your content should support a product plug. Meaning, if you plugged the product - it’d feel seamless and organic.

4. Building Your Playbook

100 videos in. You found content market fit.

Now, to develop the playbook.

Colin’s playbook falls into two categories:

  1. Topics - 3 content pillars that Colin can create endlessly around

  2. Formats - The content types that drive shares, growth, and action.

Current Topics: Product Building, Golf, & Brand Building

Current Formats: How To, Factories, School, Brand Look, Who Makes X, and Get Your Brand Right

5. Getting People From IG to Your Email List

Unlike platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, you can’t add a link to your content on IG. The link only exists in your bio. So, friction exists. But that’s not the problem.

The problem is expecting the majority of your audience to go searching for more value.

How do avoid this: By telling the viewer where to go, why to go there, what they’re going to get.

Because your short form content is snackable value that bridges to the entree.

The key to making this work: Adding a call to action.

Here’s the numbers:

  • 5 days without CTA in video = 240 subs

  • Video with CTA = 400+ subs

Share value. Collect value. To share more value.

Colin’s Quick Rulebook For Beginners

  • 100 videos before determining a strategy

  • High content value over high production value

  • It’s better to post every day than reasonably post every day

  • Become great at delivering concise info

  • Practice making 15 sec videos (Hook > 1-2 points > Close)

  • Use familiar brands and names when you’re getting started

This Week’s Rabbit Hole Reads & Resources

This one was fun to write. Exhausting but fun. Also, Colin, our friend Oren, and I are launching a cohort based court very soon on creating a short-form content. I’ll share details early next week. We have a call later today.

If this helped then I’d appreciate a reply. It lets me know where writing the right case studies for you. And it helps with our deliverability.

Also, here’s Colin’s newsletter. It’s a great read and if you love brand building and product build then you’ll want to subscribe.

I’ll see you Thursday.


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